Brix Wines LLC and Philips & King International, Inc. join Forces for the 3rd annual Habitat for Humanity Havana Nights event in Camarillo, CA Aug 23rd 2013

Sales Directors Andrew Elkins (far right) and Armando Galan (far left) are joined here by Philip & Kings International's Brand Manager Kevin Newman.  The combination of P & K's Estilo Cubano cigar line and BW's fine wine portfolio, proved to be a solid one two punch as the more than 600 guests in attendance flocked to our table for the duration of the charity event. Can't go wrong with a quality cigar and a fine glass of wine!

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What Our Customers Say

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank Brix Wines. You are all such a pleasure to work with, always very professional. Our guests have been amazed by the wines that Brix Wines provides for Bogies Bar and Lounge. We have many regulars that come back for the consistent quality of the house wines. The price point has greatly increased our profits. On behalf of my staff and our patrons I would like to thanks Brix Wines very much.

    Joel Luna - Manager - Bogies Bar & Lounge