Industry Stats

  • Rosé on the Rise!

    Recent trends show that rosé wine continues to become more popular.  A recent article at talks about the growth of this wine in the last decade.  You can find the full length article at
    Rosé is less intimidating than its red relatives.  It is more approachable for those who are not familiar or savvy with the intricacies of complex wines, which might make it appealing to younger demographics.  This choice allows the drinker to be creative as there are no rules or guidelines on how one should drink it.  It opens up a lot of creativity with regards to drinking it.
    According to the article, France and the United States produce at least half of the rosé supplied to the world.  It has become increasing more popular due to improved production methods, which leads to better tasting rosé wines and less stigma.
    Graphic copyrighted by CIVP/IRI France and is the proportion of wine sold in supermarkets in France by color. November 2011.


  • Good News for Wine!

    A recent Gallup consumption poll shows that Americans are almost equally likely to drink either  beer or wine when they choose to drink.  This is a marked decrease in beer which used to trend at least 20% higher than wine.  As of this poll, 36% say they will drink beer while 35% will drink wine.  Only 23% say they will drink liquor.


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  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank Brix Wines. You are all such a pleasure to work with, always very professional. Our guests have been amazed by the wines that Brix Wines provides for Bogies Bar and Lounge. We have many regulars that come back for the consistent quality of the house wines. The price point has greatly increased our profits. On behalf of my staff and our patrons I would like to thanks Brix Wines very much.

    Joel Luna - Manager - Bogies Bar & Lounge