Good News for Wine!

A recent Gallup consumption poll shows that Americans are almost equally likely to drink either  beer or wine when they choose to drink.  This is a marked decrease in beer which used to trend at least 20% higher than wine.  As of this poll, 36% say they will drink beer while 35% will drink wine.  Only 23% say they will drink liquor.

Younger adults still trend towards beer and liquor, but wine has been increasing  in adults 18-29 up 10% versus 10 years ago.  Adults 50+ still prefer to drink wine over other forms of alcohol.
The gender is still split on alcohol choices.  53% of men prefer to drink beer while 52% of women drink wine.  Although there is an increase of 5% over the last decade with regards to men drinking wine.
What does this all mean for the beverage service industry?  Tastes are changing.  Wine is proving to be an equal choice when it comes to an alcoholic beverage and it is on the rise for those under the age of 50.
These facts were taken from a Gallup consumption poll conducted July 10-14, 2013. A full description of the data and comments are available at

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