Why Private Label?

You may be wondering why would your business chose to purchase a private label wine vs. a brand wine that you would get from your local distributor?  The answer is pretty simple and comes in the form of another question: What are you trying to market to your customer; your business or someone else’s?  Your business should always come FIRST!  Private Label wines are a growing business at multiple venues and outlets with the most dramatic trend being an increase in restaurants.

Here are some key points on why your business should have Private Label wine:

  • Higher Sales Margins – Better bang for your buck vs. brand names.
  • Strengthen your Brand Identity for your business – It is another form of advertising for your venue and can also be a great marketing tool, especially as gifts or for outside events.
  • Breed Customer Loyalty – Because Private Label wines are made only for your business, you offer something special and exclusive to your customers that your competitors cannot.  It presents a “value-added” and “distinctive” presence to any dining or consumption experience.
  • All on-sale premise licenses include the right for accessory off-sales.  This gives your business the opportunity to sell retail your Private Label wine at your establishment, letting your customers take a quality branded product home with them and marketing you for future patronage.
  • Having a quality Private Label wine lets an establishment lay claim to that wine and its accolades through exclusivity.
  • No “Sticker Shock” for Private Label, as it is not purchasable anywhere else.

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What Our Customers Say

  • We choose Brix to create our exclusive Firenze wine. It has proven a powerful tool in extending our brand image and we are amazed at the quality.

    Jacopo Falleni - Co-Owner - Café Firenze